Who am I?

September 14, 2018

My name is Noemi Rzeczkowska and I am from Warsaw, Poland.

Poland is seen as a very conservative country under a strong influence of Catholic Church and yes, this is true. But this is not the only truth about this country. We have a young but strong community of sex-positive people here and many good things happens here. For example, three of Warsaw citizens are members of Sex Coach U team: Sarah Martin, Agata Loewe and Agnieszka Szeżyńska.

What is Sex Coach U?

Sex Coach U is where I’m going to start studying soon – a very first, international school for sex coaches. It is co-founded by Dr Patti Britton and late Dr Robert Dunlap and run online, but to graduate it, you also have to do live training called SAR: Sexual Attitude Reassessment and Restructuring. I already finished this training twice, in 2013 and 2017, and guess what? It was organized in Warsaw! Yes, we have it here, annually!

Great people in the city

The Polish organizer of SAR is a company founded by Dr Agata Loewe, Sex Positive Institute (Instytut Pozytywnej Seksualności). This is a place where I learnt a lot, attending workshops run by Polish and international people including Dr Agata Loewe herself, Sarah Martin, Patrycja Wonatowska, Wiola Jaworska, Luna from Kala Luna Temple of Tantra, Izabela Dziugieł, Izabela Cisek-Malec, GanRaptor & Slaneesh and Seani Love & Rosie Heart (who both got title of Sex Worker of the Year). I also gradudated 3-month long online training called Sex & Love School by Karo Akabal. Most of those name are Polish. So, as you can see, we have a strong team here. And this is only Warsaw!

I support LGBT people

I also used to be a volunteer in LGBT organizations: Campaign Against Homophobia, Lambda Warsaw and Trans-Fuzja Foundation. During this time I also attended some workshops and met many wonderful people.

In this moment I have to mention I am an LGBT person too: non-binary and bisexual. Though I was born female, I have lived as queer man for about 8 years and I learnt a lot about transgender issues – even became a sort of a leader of the community and a well-recognized blogger, creator of Trans-Optymista (yeah, it means Trans-Optimist). Unfortunately, these articles are available only in Polish.

My Facebook group

Ah, I also have to mention that I run a Facebook group called Zdrowa Psyche, which means Health Psyche – it’s dedicated to people with mental health issues like depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety and their carers and friends.

Future plans

I consider myself a very sex-positive person, but I strongly believe we should always develop ourselves. At Sex Coach University I hope to gain more book knowledge about human sexuality and also coaching skills that will help me solve people’s sexual and relationships’ concerns.

Now you know many things about me and where I come from. In next posts I’ll try to share with you some opinions of mine, and maybe also workshops reviews? Honestly, I am not sure how this blog will look like. But I know I love blogging, so wish me good luck!

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PS. I totally forgot. During my psychology studies I had specialization in sexology. My mentor was Professor Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz, who is very famous here in Poland, and what I am really glad about, I had a lot of forensic sexology. But the clinical and couples part was so mainstream… We even had Marriages Therapy course instead of much more modern Couples Therapy. As I said, Catholic country.


September 16, 2018

Warsaw, PL

Hi everyone, my name is Noemi and I am a future Certified Sex Coach. Soon I am going to start my training. Till now, I did many sex-positive courses, mostly in Sex Coach U and in Sex Positive Institute but I also have to mention Karo Akabal's Sex & Love School for women. I also have studied psychology, however I didn't finish my Master's thesis. In this blog I will post about my journey towards being a sex coach and share my knowledge with you. Hope you'll enjoy it!