How can I help you?

I have done many trainings in sexology and business (see the list). I have also an experience in transgender issues and I was leading a transgender support group for two years. I worked also as an intern in the organisation against domestic violence and an outreacher working with sex workers.

I can help you with:


Trans people and gender identity concerns

A whole spectrum of problems for beginners and advanced. Am I trans? Should I do transition? How to come out as a transgender man/woman, non-binary person or a crossdressser? How does transition in Poland look like? Which doctor fits my needs? How to organise legal gender change? How could I express myself in my language as a non-binary person?

I am not able to take a stand as an expert whitness in the court of law. Not yet.

LGB people’s concerns 

“Am I normal?” Am I LGB? How to come out?

Polyamory and non-monogamic lifestyle

Do I want to open a relationship? How to open a relationship? Is this even possible to have satisfying poly relationships? I am jealous, what to do?

BDSM and other kinks

“Am I normal?” How to start expressing my needs? Where to find kinky people in Warsaw? How to communicate in a D/s relationship?

Sex workers (escorts mostly)

How to do it safely? What do I really want to offer? How to take care of my limits? How could I attract more customers? How to find a sugar daddy and how to build a relationship with him? How to solve common issues with customers? Work-life balance for sex workers. How to change my career?

+ Support and acceptance for everybody who is non-normative.

I have finished SAR: Sexual Attitude Reassessment twice and it is really, really hard to surprise me, shock me, make me shy. If you have any problems with accepting your needs or your sexual identity – come to me.

  • How to communicate in a relationship / bed?
  • How to make sex life more spicy?
  • My penis is not very big / I am not pretty, can I have satysfying sex life?
  • I want to go to sex shop / swingers club / kinky event, could you tell me what to expect? Or maybe you could go with me…? I am shy…
  • How to make a date extraordinary?
  • I have troublesome beliefs about sexuality, how to deal with them?

Domestic violence

Is this violence? What should I do? What can I do in Poland as a person who experiences violence or is a witness of it?

Job searching & Career management

What should I do in my life? Where to search for a job? How to write a CV and a covering letter?

Mental health troubles

Should I seek for help? How to accept my illness? How to live with mental health issues? (Check my group Zdrowa Psyche on Facebook!)

Basics of life coaching

Who I am? What I am good at? What I want to change in my life?

Effective studying 

Directions for high school and university students who want to have better grades. How to read more effectively, do better notes and pass exams better?


Know-how for people who want to know what it is and how to start. I have been using mindmaps since 2007.


Know-how for total beginners and small bloggers (up to 5k UU/month). I started blogging when I was fifteen and never stopped.


Where to meet?

I live and work in Warsaw, Poland. As I have no regular working space, we can meet at my home (cats) or in a cafe / hotel lobby. I also offer city tours like going together to a sex shop or a party.

I can also help you via e-mails.

How much does it cost?

100 PLN (25 EUR) per one hour of live consultation (only 1:1)

40 PLN (10 EUR) per one e-mail

How to contact you?

Please use a form below. I don’t like phone calls.