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How do I see my coaching style?

November 1, 2018

Recently I was again thinking about my own style of coaching – or, more broadly: working with people. It’s quite informal.  Warm and friendly. And flexible.

I used to try more distant, professionally-looking approach when I was working on hotline for Niebieska Linia, but it wasn’t me. I felt like…

Warsaw, PL

Hi everyone, my name is Noemi and I am a future Certified Sex Coach. Soon I am going to start my training. Till now, I did many sex-positive courses, mostly in Sex Coach U and in Sex Positive Institute but I also have to mention Karo Akabal's Sex & Love School for women. I also have studied psychology, however I didn't finish my Master's thesis. In this blog I will post about my journey towards being a sex coach and share my knowledge with you. Hope you'll enjoy it!